Can Breast Capsular Contracture happen years later or is it most likely to happen within the first year of surgery?

I read that some CC in breast can be caused by a bacterial infection . Can this happen years after initial surgery ? How would one know if they had a breast infection ?

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Can Breast Capsular Contracture happen years later or is it most likely to happen within the first year of surgery?

When you have a breast augmentation, a capsular contracture can develop at any time.  There is no known reason why some women develop it and some don't but some studies are possibly linking it to bacteria.  Signs of a contracture are a tight pulling feeling in one breast or both and firmness.  Asymmetry can develop where one implant starts to sit higher than the other.  If you are concerned about any of this, go see your surgeon immediately.  Otherwise, try not to fixate on it and live and enjoy your results! ac

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Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture can occur at any time after a breast augmentation whether its months later or years later. If you feel that you are experiencing capsular contracture, contact your plastic surgeon for help. Sometimes when replacing the implants, the doctor will have a way to help prevent it from happening again. In my office we often use Strattice after placing the new implant to help prevent capsular contracture from reoccurring. 

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Capsular contracture of the breasts can occur at any time.

Capsular contracture can occur even years after a breast augmentation in can also be asymmetrical. We don't know what causes capsular contracture but an emerging theory is the development of a biofilm.

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Capsular Contracture

The capsular contracture can happen at any time, even years down the road. The culprit is felt to be minute amounts of bacteria that are in your blood stream at times and they attach themselves to the shell of the implant, creating something called biofilm. It is not a large enough concentration to cause an infection but the inflammatory response by the body reacts, causing a shrinkage of the capsule and it can distort the implant and cause pan in severe cases. Some surgeons will suggest taking prophylactic antibiotics for even routine things such as teeth cleanings to decrease that risk.

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