Will my boobs look symmetrical in the end? (Photo)

I just got my breast revision on 10/8/16 I previously had 625 cc smooth round saline mod profile over muscle and I switched to 800cc smooth round cohesive gel ultra high profile under muscle. It's been four days post op and my right breast is more hard and sore then the left, is this normal or should I be worried? Please help I'm freaking out this is my second BA and I really can't do another one!!!

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Will my boobs look symmetrical in the end?

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Your concerns and desires to receive online advice are understandable but online consultants will not be a good resource for you in this post op situation. Best to be seen by your plastic surgeon for accurate assessment, advice, to rule out complications, and/or to provide you with meaningful reassurance. 

Although too early to evaluate the long-term outcome of the procedure performed, I would be concerned (given your concerns of breast asymmetry) whether breast lifting will be indicated to improve nipple/areola complex positioning and symmetry.

  Best wishes.

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