Areola Reduction Without Augmentation or Lift? (photo)

I am wondering if I could get am areola reduction without an augmentation or lift? Also how will a reduction effect me if I want to have children in 5 or so years?

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Yes you can but,

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It is likely that the resultant scars will be more obvious than the mild areolar dilation. Too risky and you may regret your choice. 

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Areola reduction without augmentation

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You may have an areola reduction without a full breast lift by limiting the incisions to around the areola only.  While you would receive a small amount of lift, it would not be as substantial as if you were to also have a vertical incision from the bottom of your areola to the bottom of your breast.  A breast implant would not be necessary and would actually make it more difficult to reduce the size of your areolas.

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Areolar reduction

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Thanks for your photo.  Areolar reduction can be done without augmentation or lifting.  As long as the nipple ducts are not divided, this will not interfering with future breastfeeding.  However, breast enlargement due to pregnancy may cause recurrence of large areolas.  

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