Undereye restylane problem when I smile? (photo)

Hi. i had restylane vital placed under my eyes to treat my eyes' hollowness. Now after 3 weeks it looks okay when i don't smile. But when I smile, it ends up like My eyebags have eyebags. At the left and right inner corner areas near my nose there are excess restylane deposits (lumpiness). Am I right in thinking that it's the excess restylane deposits that's causing the double eyebags look?

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Under eye Restylane

You should return to your doctor to assess the Restylane result.  It is possible that some of the Restylane needs to be dissolved, but if you are happy with the result at rest, you may need to choose which look you prefer.

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Undereye restylane problem when I smile? (photo)

Very fine balance with amounts to be injected as you now see. If not enough filler placed than in non smiling you would be unhappy.. If too much placed than in smiling you are dis pleased.. Hard to make the correct determination of amounts...

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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