What creams are best to use after laser treatment and what creams to avoid?

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Creams to be used after lasers

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 depending on the type of laser and the reason for the procedure the creams would vary.But otherwise avid using topical retinoid based creams immediately after the laser session.sunscreen application and moisturisers should be used.

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Best After-Laser Treatments

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The answer depends on whether you had an ablative laser treatment or a non-ablative laser treatment. If your treatment was ablative, you should always follow the advice of the medical practitioner who treated you. There are different protocols for laser treatments based on the type of procedure, and also what skin type you have.

Some general advice is that you should avoid any topical acne medication until your doctor gives you the green light to proceed. Also Retin A, Retinol, or acid-based products are often not used for 1-2 weeks following a laser treatment. The skin needs to fully establish the epithelial layer in order to restore equilibrium. In my office we recommend using unscented hydrating moisturizers.

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