How Long to Wait After Breast Augmentation for Liposuction with Fat Transfer?

I recently had my gel breast augmentation procedure 1 month ago with Dr. Ortega, but now I want to get my brazilian butt lift since I can afford it. Im 5'5" and im at 135 lbs so I know i have the extra fat to spare for the transfer. How long should I wait to get my brazilian butt lift done?

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When can I get a BBL

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The BBL surgery can be performed essentially anytime.  Just need to consult a plastic surgeon to ensure that you are in good health, and determine when you can reasonably schedule surgery.

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Buttock Augmentation after Breast Augmentation

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If you have had an uncomplicated recovery from yiour breast augmentation and are satisfied with your results, then you can proceed with buttock augmentation by fat injections at any time.

Brazilian Buttlift after Breast Augmentation

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    The Brazilian buttlift can probably be performed at whatever timepoint you would like.  If you have healed uneventfully from the breast augmentation and you are otherwise healthy, the Brazilian buttlift would not present any undue risk.  When you are ready, find the plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of Brazilian buttlifts each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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