Not healing fast? (Photos)

I had breast lift surgery on 9/12/16 , it has pass one month and a week , but there are to parts of the wound that have not healed . I dont have pain, it doesnt have bad odor. How long until this part close completely ? What should i put on it to help heal faster ? Thanks

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Eat more and use antibiotic ointment

I would show it to your plastic surgeon.  If you were my patient, I would have you put antibiotic ointment on it and recommend a high protein diet.  If you are cutting calories, you will heal slower.

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Not healing fast after breast lift surgery?

Thank you for your question.  The small areas of delayed healing are common after breast lift surgery.  You should be following up closely with your plastic surgeon.  Healing can be improved and new skin covering these areas with proper wound care which usually involves dressing changes and topical antibiotic ointment.  Please see your plastic surgeon for advice.

Healing after a breast lift

You certainly do have delayed healing. Some of this may be due to a reaction to the sutures. You should follow your plastic surgeon's instructions as far as wound care. Soapy water and a simple dressing will often keep the area clean to allow your body to eventually heal this up. You will probably be surprised to see how your body not only heals the wounds, but producers a usually tolerable scar.

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Not healing fast?

If using ONLY local wound care at least another month to see full healing. There are external therapies and injections to help speed up the re epithialization process. Which can be discussed in an unperson evaluation..

Not healing fast

Thanks for the question and pictures.  It is common to have small areas of "delayed healing" after breast lift and reduction along the suture lines.  Both of these wounds appear to be clean without any signs of infection.  I recommend my patients to keep the wounds moist with aquaphor ointment (antibiotic ointment generally not needed and sometimes can irritate if used for prolonged periods), and then cover with a small bandaid or gauze to protect the wounds from irritation.  These should heal well, and I would stay in contact with your surgeon.  Hope that helps, have a blessed day!

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