Is it possible for my legs to look healthy again? (photo)

I have had this discoloration for years and did not know what it was. Only a few years ago did I finally get treatment and found out it was due to bad valves not pumping my blood back up out of my legs. I never got a definite answer, but would think that something could reduce the redness. The areas are sensitive too. I didn't know if the legs could be liposuctioned to get rid of the pigmented areas.

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Lipodermatosclerosis or CEAP C4b disease - skin pigmentation and venous insufficiency - Buffalo Niagara, NY

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What you show on the picture is a well described natural evolution of untreated and longstanding venous insufficiency. The skin (dermis) and underlying fatty tissue (lipo) become thickened (sclerosis) and hence the term LIPODERMATOSCLEROSIS. 

The hope is that you get the process under control so it does not advance to the next stage of venous disease, CEAP C6, an open wound called a venous stasis ulcer. 

You are one step away from developing a venous stasis ulcer - CEAP C6.

A HEALED venous stasis ulcer is CEAP C5. 

Seek a certified vein specialist for Doppler venous ultrasound, also called Duplex vein scan to determine if you have treatable venous insufficiency. 

Read my ebook about venous insufficiency on the link below. It is a free access book. 

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