Can I Use a Home Ultrasound Machine to Help Heal my Liposuction Lumps?

I had liposuction about 8 weeks ago on my abdomen and sides and have a indentation and lumps. Can a home ultrasound machine help? Are these machines safe? What is the difference between the home ultrasound machines and the ones at the doctors office?

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Home ultrasound for liposuction

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I would not see a contra-indication to using this modality at 4 months but I would first recommend discussing it with your surgeon who may want to examine the device. Ultrasound machines can vary in the amount of energy delivered and the depth of penetration. Home machines are generally weaker in this regard and therefore are more likely to be less agressive.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Should not have lumps after liposuction.

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I don't think ultrasound will help. When doing liposuction in New York City, we use lymphatic drainage massage. You will see your final result in 4 months. Then you may need a touch up, unfortunately.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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