At Home Teeth Whitening with Trays?

I use Day White 7.5% with a custom mold. I have just heard that soon, at home teeth whitening products will no longer be sold in the UK. Are they still going to be sold in the USA? If they are going to be removed from the market - why? What will the alternative be for people like me who cannot afford going to their dentist or professional?

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At Home Teeth Whitening Kits

To the best of my knowledge, teeth whitening kits are a booming business in the US and seem to be getting better. There is no problem that I know of that would cause the FDA to remove them from sale to the public. The percentage of whitening is very low so there is very little risk using them. There are also Whitening Kiosks in malls and they  sell whitening and trays  for $99 and it is the same strength that is found in dental office. It is not practicing dentistry unless the person selling the product, touches the buyer...Here they hand them trays with bleach in them and they sit and bleach their teeth. They are still operating. Crest White Strips are a good at home alternative and Listerine has a pre- brush before whitening that helps. Hope you can find something affordable in the UK!

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