Tightness and Redness After TCA Peel

I applied a home 65% TCA peel to my neck and decolletage area. I wanted GOOD results, but I think now that I may have been too aggressive. Three days after the peel was applied, I can see some of the redness fading on certain areas. Areas where I used a q-tip still looks incredibly angry, tight, and red. I have been using petroleum jelly and a neosporin type cream. I am not in any major pain, but it does still sting a little when I apply my creams. I am concerned about secondary infection and would like to know what I need to be alert for. Would you help please? Thank you.

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Be careful with a TCA 65%.

Thank you for your question.

As a blanket statement, I would not do TCA peels at home and would advise anyone thinking of getting a TCA peel over 25% to definitely go to a medical professional.

For your tight red skin after your home peel, keep in mind that this is normal. Keep applying aquaphor or vaseline liberally and simply wait to see if the skin will shed. Signs of infection include pain, swelling, or yellow crusting. If you start seeing this, visit your dermatologist immediately to get antibiotics.

Hope this helps!

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