Home Laser Hair Removal Wands. They Do Produce Substantial Results?

How effective are the laser hair removal machine for 'do it at home' like, no!no! hair & Laser Hair Revolution at-home hair removal wand? I was wondering I should buy it and use it in the comfort of my house. Are they effective?

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Home use laser hair removal

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There are numerous home-use devices on the market designed to achieve hair removal.  Some of these devices are not at all legitimate while others are well designed and have been rigorously tested in much the same manner as devices used in physician offices.  As is true with any light-based hair removal device, dark hair responds best to treatment.  The TRIA Beauty device is, in my opinion, the safest and most effective home-use laser hair removal device on the market.  While it is not as powerful as lasers used in physician offices, it is safe and effective when used properly.  Home use devices can also be used to complement the results achieved with treatments delivered in a medical office.

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Home laser hair removal devices

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Medical lasers are extremely powerful. They have the ability to damage the skin and eyes if used improperly if used incorrectly. The first concern for any device marketed for home use is safety. therefore, a "laser" system for home use will have extremely limited power. 
Home care products do not require the same FDA guidelines as medical devices, therefore claims can be made without being proven.
Rather than spending money of a home laser device, spend time doing research on a local physician owned and operated laser hair removal center that provides safe and effective laser hair removal. A reputable company will offer complimentary consultations and spot tests. Treatments will be performed individually,not sold as a package and there will never be pressure.

Michael Law, MD
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Home laser

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No these devices are far less powerful and specific for tageting

and destroying hair follicles


Home laser hair removal therapy

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While these devices might be effective, it can often be patient dependent. Also, the amount of laser energy delivered with home devices is fractional compared to those used in medical offices since by nature they need to be safer with less risks. I have not seen dramatic results in any of my patients, however if that helps.

Scott Trimas, MD
Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Home laser hair removal devices

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In recent years, a number of devices have been developed to seek to provide patients with the ability to achieve hair removal at home. These devices are based on similar laser technology to target the hair follicle for destruction. The evidence behind these devices is limited to small, uncontrolled studies. The risk of eye injuries with improper use is also a real concern.

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