Had first treatment 3 months ago and sweating really bad almost seems to be worse not sure if I should get 2nd treatment

As I stated i got 1st treatment at level 5 that's what the machine monitor said when I looked at it. It seemed to work really great for two weeks then I noticed I started to sweat a little . It has gotten progressively worse and now in my 3rd month I'm back to sweating profusely I'm very leery on going in for 2nd procedure. I really just want it to work I feel very defeated and sad very skeptical i don't want to feel like I have thrown away 3 grand :(

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When To do The Second MiraDry

Hi and thank you for your question!

We find that many patients with significant sweating, hyperhidrosis &/or odor issues do need that 2nd treatment. There's no question that miraDry is extremely successful for most people. However, as with most non-surgical procedure there is a very small percentage of non-responders (

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MiraDry Results

In my practice, I have found that many patients needs two treatments, especially if  they had been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis.  Most patients have 50% reduction in sweat and odor after the first treatment, and another 30% reduction in a 2nd treatment, which can be performed 1-2 months later.Patients with moderate sweating typically need one treatment. Patients with severe sweating typically need two treatments to achieve optimal results. Few patients with severe sweating desire a third treatment.
Good Luck!

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MiraDry do I need a 2nd treatment

In our practice, 90% of our patients need only a single miraDry procedure at level 5. The company recommended 2 treatments spaced 3 months apart. 

Very few people need a third treatment.

Read my ebook about miraDry on the link below. 

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2nd @MiraDry treatment?

Hello--I am assuming that by treatment you mean MiraDry--the non-surgical treatment for excess underarm sweating/odor.  Although it is sometimes advertised as a 1 time treatment, my experience is that very few if any people require only 1 treatment even at maximal intensity (level 5).  I have always needed to treat my patients twice, and occasionally a 3rd time for the best results in people with severe hyperhidrosis.  I typically recommend 2-3 months in between treatments so you are about right as far as scheduling your 2nd treatment.  Typically for a $3000 fee that includes 2 treatments so I would check with the location where you had the first treatment to see if 2 were included.  My guess would be it is.  Good luck!

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