Had first treatment 3 months ago and sweating really bad almost seems to be worse not sure if I should get 2nd treatment

As I stated i got 1st treatment at level 5 that's what the machine monitor said when I looked at it. It seemed to work really great for two weeks then I noticed I started to sweat a little . It has gotten progressively worse and now in my 3rd month I'm back to sweating profusely I'm very leery on going in for 2nd procedure. I really just want it to work I feel very defeated and sad very skeptical i don't want to feel like I have thrown away 3 grand :(

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Hi Rob. You should consider seeing your treating physician and discuss your concerns. Hyperhydrosis almost always requires two treatments. MiraDry is very successful, but does not always work for every case. You should consider having an iodine-starch test to document the presence of your sweat glands in the underarm before your next treatment. Always use level 5. 

Warmest regards, Dr. ALDO

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When To do The Second MiraDry

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Hi and thank you for your question!

We find that many patients with significant sweating, hyperhidrosis &/or odor issues do need that 2nd treatment. There's no question that miraDry is extremely successful for most people. However, as with most non-surgical procedure there is a very small percentage of non-responders (

Grant Stevens, MD
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MiraDry Results

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In my practice, I have found that many patients needs two treatments, especially if  they had been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis.  Most patients have 50% reduction in sweat and odor after the first treatment, and another 30% reduction in a 2nd treatment, which can be performed 1-2 months later.Patients with moderate sweating typically need one treatment. Patients with severe sweating typically need two treatments to achieve optimal results. Few patients with severe sweating desire a third treatment.
Good Luck!

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MiraDry do I need a 2nd treatment

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In our practice, 90% of our patients need only a single miraDry procedure at level 5. The company recommended 2 treatments spaced 3 months apart. 

Very few people need a third treatment.

Read my ebook about miraDry on the link below. 

Dr H Karamanoukian

2nd @MiraDry treatment?

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Hello--I am assuming that by treatment you mean MiraDry--the non-surgical treatment for excess underarm sweating/odor.  Although it is sometimes advertised as a 1 time treatment, my experience is that very few if any people require only 1 treatment even at maximal intensity (level 5).  I have always needed to treat my patients twice, and occasionally a 3rd time for the best results in people with severe hyperhidrosis.  I typically recommend 2-3 months in between treatments so you are about right as far as scheduling your 2nd treatment.  Typically for a $3000 fee that includes 2 treatments so I would check with the location where you had the first treatment to see if 2 were included.  My guess would be it is.  Good luck!

Megan Jack, MD
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