Are metal braces or Invisalign better for me? (Photo)

My mom hasn't wanted to get me braces for a long time but I'm finally talking her into it, I just need to know the facts. I was wondering if anyone could estimate a time period for braces or Invisalign to fix my upper laterals and my lower centrals. I was also wondering if Invisalign or metal braces would be better for me. I don't know much about either so any information is helpful! Thank you.

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You don't mention exactly what you are trying to accomplish with your laterals. Conventional braces will be more cost effective and faster than Invisalign for moving teeth. Also once the braces are completed you may want to consider doing veneers on your laterals to make them more proportional in size to the adjacent teeth.

Dallas Dentist

Braces versus Invisalign

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It is very difficult to determine that based on that photo. Invisalign has come a long way and has been shown to treat more cases. I would recommend going for a consultation.

Colleen Lam, DMD
Palm Beach Dentist

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