Hematoma and bleeding artery 9 days after Tummy tuck? Is this a known complication or could be fault of ps? (photos)

I had tummy tuck with Lipo of flanks and everything went smoothly. One day I coughed and felt something pop. Doc took put drains after one week and he felt there was air causing some overall swelling . Had second stage garment and removed for shower. When I got out of shower I had large firm ball of swelling under breast. Emailed pics to doc and he had me go to E R for cat scan. Had large hematoma. He had to redo entire surgery and had bleeding artery. Could this be fault of ps?

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Post-op Hematoma

This is a not so common, but absolutely known risk, of this and most surgery. Unfortunately, you experienced it. The important thing is that complications are recognized and treated appropriately in a timely fashion, which it appears yours has been. Best of luck with your remaining recovery.

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Hematoma and bleeding artery 9 days after Tummy tuck? Is this a known complication or could be fault of ps?

Bleeding 9 days after a tummy tuck is rare, but is a known complication from surgery and is not your surgeon's or your fault. It is just unfortunate bad luck. Your surgeon sounds like he took excellent care of you throughout. Luckily, this should not impact your long term result.

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A bleeding artery after a tummy tuck

I am so sorry to hear that you had a complication after a tummy tuck.  I am sure that no quality Plastic Surgeon ever wants their patients to have  a problem after elective surgery, but you must understand that any patient can experience a complication after surgery.  A bleeding condition, either venous or arterial, can happen during the healing time after surgery.  As you mentioned, couphing will raise our blood pressure significantly over what would be your usual condition, and clearly this can lead to bleeding.  The best thing that you can do at this time is to follow the advice that your Plastic Surgeon suggests to you.
I wish you well.
Frank Rieger M.D.  Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Bleeding after surgery

Although it's impossible to say exactly what happened, it seems unlikely that bleeding after 9 days could be directly the fault of the operating surgeon. If the surgeon did a poor job of stopping bleeding during surgery, it would have been more likely to bleed immediately. I'm sorry you had an adverse event after surgery, but even when you and your surgeon do everything right, things like this still happen about 1% of the time. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. 

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Hematoma and bleeding artery 9 days after Tummy tuck? Is this a known complication or could be fault of ps?

Sorry for major complication of expanding hematoma following a TT. But why are you looking to blame your surgeon? Maybe you did something that caused a bleed...so could be your fault! If you are looking to blame. Sounds like your surgeon took excellent care of you in a very timely fashion. You need to be thankful for his expertise in dx the issue and immediately help to prevent a more serious event from occurring!

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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