Got a front dental implant put in two weeks ago. A couple days ago swallen upper lip. Is my implant failing? (photo)

I started feeling discomfort under my nose like I was getting a pimple. Woke up with a swallen area above my upper lip. When I touch under my nose on the implant side- it's sensitive. What could it be?

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Post operative swelling following implant

Swelling within 3-5 days after a surgery not unusual and not necessarily indicative of infection. If swelling increases 5-7 days later, then there may be an infection and should get evaluated as soon as possible. See link below for what to expect after implant placement surgery:

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Swelling after Dental Implant

I would suggest visiting your implant dentist at the earliest to evaluate the implant and surgical site. Some post - operative pain and swelling is normal during the initial 3-4 days but most of it has resolved within 2 weeks.

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See your doctor ASAP!

It is very possible that you have an infection and you should see your dentist as soon as possible.  The implant may be failing and may need to be removed.  

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