When will I see final results from rhinoplasty revision? (Thick and highly melanated skin with ear cartilage graft)

August 2015 - initial rhinoplasty May of 2016 - rhinoplasty revision It has been a little over 6 months since my revision. I had ear cartilage added to the tip of my nose. My nose is still very stiff, hard and swollen and bulbous looking. I also have very thick skin. When can I expect the tip of my nose to drop and get softer and less swollen? I am six months post op so I thought the majority of my healing should have occurred already? Can I expect much change from this point on?

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Healing Time

It is a difficult question to answer since a number of factors can influence the issues you are facing.Thicker, oilier skin tends to stay firmer longer as does skin that sits above cartilage grafts. The thickness of the grafts can affect the stiffness/firmness of the skin as well. Over production of scar and prolonged swelling due to an individual's healing response can contribute as well. Occasionally,  judicious use of steroids can reduce the abnormally prolonged swelling that some individuals experience. Time, of course, is probably your friend and until you are out 1- 1 1/2 years your healing will not be totally complete.  Best of Luck   Dr Harrell

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When will I see final results from a rhinoplasty revision with thick skin?

There are many variables that alter the healing process which include thick skin, techniques performed, open versus closed rhinoplasty, and what previous alterations you had to the nasal anatomy twice already. Full healing can take 12 to 18 months in patients with thick skin. Ear cartilage  grafts are stiffer than nasal cartilage grafts, so expect that to be permanent

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When will I see final results from rhinoplasty revision? (Thick and highly melanated skin with ear cartilage graft)

Without the benefit of physical exam, reading the op-report, reviewing the pre-op and post-op photos- it's difficult to answer your questions accurately. Generally speaking the swelling post-rhinoplasty can last up to a year, also depending on if or not open or closed technique was utilized- the swelling may persist longer with open technique. Best to addressed your questions/concerns with your Operating Surgeon, or seek a second opinion from a Board Certified PS who has extensive experience in Rhinoplasty

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