Did I tear my muscle repair, or is it swelling? 2 years post tummy tuck (Photo)

Did my 1st surgery in 2012 march tummy tuck/chest reduction and this April I did my revision on my scars and I been working out and dieting clean. stomach has been flat for a while unless bloated. now after 2 days ago it has been BULDGING out like the muscles are relaxed and pregnant vibe. I do work out everything and go heavy but no pain or anything and bowels are moving normal? could it be backed up bowels maybe? MUSCLE REPAIR TEAR? Swelling? I did have long episode and a lot of swelling?

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Tummy tuck bulge

During a tummy tuck the muscle is often tightened to put I back into its normal position and give the best contour possible. It is extremely unusual for the repair to tear or undo itsself that far after surgery. Usually it happens in the first 3 months if it does at all. That being said, I understand your concern and it could be a variety of different things. Unfortunately the best thing for you is to see you plastic surgeon and get a full exam. Only a hands in exam can tell what is going on. Best wishes.

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