Breast lift with Lipo of the abs

How soon can i get Lymphatic massage my breast are very tight and the pressure is awful,having a hard time standing up straight. Was told to do the massages it will really help my concern is i had surgery a week ago and I'm in pain if touched what do i do?

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Breast lift with Lipo of the abs

You need to ask for clearance from your operative surgeon. Over the internet we responders do not know your surgical history!

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Surgeon preference

speak to your surgeon about his/her thoughts of lymphatic message, some surgeons believe in this and some do not. Your surgeon will also guide you on timing of this. 

Lymphatic massage

For a breast lift, it is generally not advised to do lymphatic massages. Because it is such a sensitive area, it can easily bleed inside post-surgery, so massaging or even icing is generally not recommended after a breast lift. Unfortunately, the best thing to do is let the body work itself out in this case... 

With regards to the liposuction, it is normally acceptable to do lymphatic massages once you enter the second week of recovery after your surgery. So after about 8 days, patients can usually get lymphatic massage. 

Be sure all your surgical procedures are performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, and consult with your doctor, as each patient's circumstances are different. Good luck!

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