My nose has redeviated following a rhino septoplasty.

My nose redeviated after 18 months since my septorhinoplasty. I am thinking of revision septoplasty. Whats important questions should i be asking when i see him this week?

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Redeviation of the septum?

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All you need to do is ask him what are the chances that this will happen again.                  

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Revision rhinoplasty

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Your surgeon should be an experienced revision specialist, preferably board-certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery.  Ask how the procedure will be done and what they will do to prevent redeviation.    Also, ask if they will do anything laterally to insure the nasal valve will stay open.  Best wishes.

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Re-deviated nose after rhinoplasty

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Hi, this is potentially tricky... Facial asymmetry and differing soft tissue growth can give the appearance of deviation. It can be extremely challenging to give a patient a perfectly straight nose. Addressing the nasal bones, depression of the upper lateral cartilage(s), and the tip tripod are surgical techniques that can improve deviation and asymmetry. 

Raj Bhalla, FRCS, MD
Manchester Otolaryngologist

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