How To Best Treat Hollowness Around the Eyes and Dark Circles? (photo)

I have got Hollowness around the eyes mostly under the eyes and beside both the eyes. They have turned dark in color over the period of time. I am unable to decide what sort of treatment can give me best results and want to understand recovery time as well.

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Hollow Eyes and Dark Circles Require Arcus Release and Fat Gtrafting

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Hollow  Eyes are most often due to a lack of normal Fat around the eye. In addition a structure called the Arcus Marginalis holds the eyelid skin tight against the bone and creates a depression beneath the lower eyelid skin-the Dark Circle.

Correction requires a surgical procedure that releases this attachment and transplants Fat from your Tummy into the hollow area beneath your lower eyelid.

See link below for a better description of this procedure.

Avoid filler injections, they are dangerous around the eye and can make the problem worse.

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