I Have Hollow Under my Eyes What Are the Best Injection Treatments for Mu Age 47 Afro American Skin in Good Condition?

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Filler of Choice for Tear Trough Deformity

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I prefer to inject the trough area with either Restylane and Belotero due to their smooth, thin consistency. The tear trough is a delicate area and lumps can form when using the wrong product or receiving injections by someone who is inexperienced.Tear trough treatment lasts approximately 18 months. I perform all injections with blunt tipped microcannula. This approach allows for much less bruising, more comfortable treatment, and less down-time. I hope this information helps!

Best Filler for Under Eye Dark Circles

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Best filler for anybody with under eye hollows (dark circles) is of the hyaluronic acid gel variety, including Belotero, Restyalne and Juvederm. That's because they are safe, effective, and reversible (as there is an enzyme that can be injected to dissolve them if needed). I favor Belotero and Restylane as they are more predictable and cause less swelling.

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