Hollow Eyes After Blepharoplasty?

I am one week post op from a brow lift and upper eyelid surgery. My eyes seem very hollow and I am scared he took to much off because now I have a very thick eyelid and my eyes almost look pop eye. Will this get better? My eyes seem more round and have lost their almond shape. Please advise!

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A week after Blepharoplasty is too early to know how you will look

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Give it some time to relax and see how your eyes and brows look. In general I think one can see some hollowing of the space below the brow ridge. Give it 3 to 6 months to evaluate your final look.

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Evaluation of Post op Eyelids

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In any surgery, one ahs to wait several months (like 6) to see the final effect. Examining too early will only get you nervous and frustrated. You should share your concerns with your physician who will give you the same area...but will note it to make sure you both address this at the appropriate time.

Wait for the swelling to resolve

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It is impossible to tell how the eyes will look since it has only been one week after your surgery. The incisions on the eyelids will settle down over the next several months. The eyes are swollen and at this point too soon to tell if the shape has been changed.

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Hollow look after brow and blepharoplasty

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Don't be too concerned with your appearance one week after surgery. You probably did your research well when you selected your surgeon and looked at their before and after photos. I would encourage you to not worry about the situation too much right now and give it some time. If however that don't work for you look at your surgeons photos again. It will probably reassure you that the results are natural and yours will be too.

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