Hollow Eyelids from Double Eyelid Surgery. Do I Need a Revision? Or Can I Get Fat Transfer? Restylane?

I got double eyelid surgery 3 wks ago. I know its a little early to ask for a revision but just wanted to get some expert opinions. I think my surgeon took out too much fat from my right eyelid now causing a hollow eyelid in the middle. I can also see double folds. swollen eyelids will go down, but hollow eyelids cannot plump back up so i dnt want to wait mths for a revision. Is it too early to do anything now? Is fat transfer safe? What about restylane to fill out the hollowness? Thanks.

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Hello Lotus In my practice, communication is the key. The best advice I can offer is speak to your Plastic Surgeon about your eyelid surgery. We are specialists, trained in years and years of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery modelling and reshaping. This is what we do. You trusted your Surgeon to do the surgery. Now go back and discuss your concerns. Surgeons may take out the fat pads below your eyes, or may leave them in to avoid hollows. It is very individual as different patients all present with slightly different shapes and combinations. There are many considerations that the surgeon must incorporate to make his decision about exactly what surgery to do.  Fillers are very useful and used extensively in my practice to fill out hollows and give back volume, with or without surgery- it depends on the situation. I believe fat transfer is overrated and rarely lives up to its promise for a number of different reasons. I wish you well in your search.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about this on the internet.

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There is actually a well known site that promotes the use of grafted fat "pearls" for the hollow Asian eyelid.  The problem is that the surgeon who described this method is now retired and the surgeon who now owns the site is much for famous for facial implants rather than eyelid surgery.  Personally I think that fat grafting for the upper eyelid is a bust.  The grafted fat causes unpredictable scaring with many disappointing outcomes.  Yes there are a few amazing before and afters out there, you are really rolling the dice.  I do not like making anyone roll the dice.  Restylane might be ok.  However, there is no substitute for an in person examination to assess what resources you have to make a personalized recommendation.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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