I'm a 25 yr old asian male with holes in my face after profractional laser treatment for acne scar. Will they be permanant?

. The PA told me that the holes would go away in weeks, it's now been 5 months and after several microderms, I can still see these small, patterned holes created by the laser, especially where the treatment was most aggressive. Are these gonna be perminent? Should I stop with further laser treatments as I signed up for 3 profractional laser treatment with this location and the second treatment is coming up. Thank you.


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Facial Scars after Laser Treatments

Healing after a fractional laser treatment is 99% complete at 6 months, so you could expect only slight improvement in the future. If the holes in your skin were caused by the laser, I would consider an alternate method of treatment. I would encourage you to discuss this problem with your surgeon prior to any further treatments. Other options for treating acne scars include Dermapen, dermabrasion, (punch biopsy) surgery, and temporary improvement with dermal fillers.

Burley Facial Plastic Surgeon

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