Hole in TT Incision Line Won't Go Away. 2 Months Post Op, What Can I Do? (photo)

2 months ago a hole developed at my incision line, I have been packing it with saline gauze twice a day and it still looks the same and the inside does not seem to be closing up. I have been on antibiotics two seperate time because the outside is really red and itchy and irritated. It also oozes red/yellow and soaks through my gauze and bandaids and clothes. It is very sore and I am just not feeling confident that it's taking so long to heal. What other steps can I take to get this hole healed??

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Hole in TT Incision Line Won't Go Away. 2 Months Post Op, What Can I Do? (photo)

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The area where you have developed an opening has the poorest blood supply after a tummy tuck. This is a site where delayed healing can occur; moreover, the healing is slow because of the reduced circulation.

It will absolutely close up once there is no more dead tissue inside, providing that there are no foreign bodies such as sutures.

At this point it is very unlikely that the wound is infected. The redness and itch may be caused by something you are placing on the wound, such as antibiotic cream or ointment.

I recommend you see your surgeon regularly.

All the best.


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