Hole in Nasal Passage. Been On Oxygen Therapy for 8 Months? (photo)

I have been on oxygen therpy almost 8 mo. and have a lot of blood and dried out sinuses. I have tried everything even a humidifyer on the concentrater.(floor model) I have used ayr, nersporin, vaseline trying to alievate the dryness. I kept getting balls of dried blood out of both sides of my nose and this morning I discovered a hole in the cartlidge that a q tip went througjh. Can this heal on its own and if it dosen't, how dangerous is it to let it go as I cannot afford to have it fixed?

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Hole in nasal septum

Dear ustbbartman,

A hole in the septum, also known as a septal perforation is not a life threatening issue

The hole can get bigger though if it continues to dry out

Sometimes, just adjusting the prongs of the oxygen cannula can help direct the airflow away from the septum and toward the outside walls of the nose

Can you use the oxygen on and off?  It would be nice if you can give the nasal passages a little break throughout the day

Can you get an in-ine humidifier that humidifies the oxygen directly?

You can see an ENT or facial plastic surgeon, there are various treatments for this, and some are non surgical...it should all be covered by insurance though

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Nima Shemirani

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