Hole in my Gum?

I have a strange hole on top of my tooth. I have braces and its on top of my band so I can't see what it's doing to my tooth. I had 2 bicuspid teeth pulled out. almost right after i seemed to get the hole in my gum. and it's right next to the bicuspid tooth he pulled out. It's on my gum and when I felt it, the hole seems to be deep and I accidentally went to far and it began to bleed. It's grayish in color. Please tell me what this might be an what I should do.

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Hole in gum

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This sounds like it needs attention, sooner rather than later. It is hard to diagnose just by the description. You should go see your Dentist or your Orthodontist and you should get your answer pretty quickly


Vijay Bhagia, Space Center Orthodontics, Houston TX

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