Breast look flat and square shaped at bottom after Lift and Augmentation. Silver threads sticking out. Advice?

Hi my breast look flat and long at bottom not full and round. They seem full on the sides and near armpits. I am 1 month post operation. My right side has silver "thread" sticking out in for different places had to stop wearing sports bra too painful rubbing a incisions. Now wearing tight tank top. Should I be worried I am screwing things up with no support and what are the silver things??

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Breast look flat and square shaped at bottom after Lift and Augmentation. Silver threads sticking out. Advice?

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Maybe consider pictures if you want comments on shape, but a word about healing. It is not likely that you are doing anything to harm you results by not using a bra. It is mostly for comfort anyway. The silver things may be sutures that are not yet dissolved, but I would have to see then to really know. I would make sure you follow up with your surgeon about your concerns so they can offer you some answers. Have a great day.



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Breast Surgery Healing

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Good morning.  Unfortunately, without pictures, it is difficult to answer your questions.

However, here are some thoughts about healing after a breast lift with implants.  Most patients will have a 'boxy' look for several months after this procedure.  They look flat between the nipple and the lower crease of the breast, excessive upper fullness and a full feeling near the armpit and side of the chest wall.  These are all expected initially but slowly resolve over time.  I do mean slowly.  I tell my patients to wait 6 months to see the result.  Good news is that during the six months they improve monthly where you will at least see some positive changes. 

The 'silver threads' are most likely stitches under the skin that sometimes work their way through the skin.  They are easily removed by the surgeon or his nurse.

You need to ask you surgeon about what is proper support after this procedure.

Hope this helps.

Dr Spies

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Photos would help

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Photos would help but it sounds like you had a tight lower skin envelope.  It takes 3-6 months for your implants to settle and form a rounder shape.

The sutures are "spitting" through and just needs to be removed.  Call your office.

Best Wishes,

Nana Mizuguchi, MD

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