Hockey Stick Knocked out my Front Tooth? (photo)

My front left tooth is turning black. It was knocked back and almost all the ways out with a hockey 3 weeks ago. It was put back in place by my dentist (was on my hockey team) within one hour and then braced. The tooth is now turning black and both my front teeth are moving drstically forward. What are my best options as I am a business student so I would like to have a cosmetically pleasing smile. Do I just ask for am implant? A veneer? Thanks

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Hockey Injury May Lead To Implants

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It is difficult to tell without radiographs, but based on what you are explaining I would think that the best treament would be extracting and placing implants.  You should consider seeing a surgeon and have them take a 3D CT scan of those teeth and evaluate the amount of remiaining bone supporting those teeth.  My guess is that it will be thin and a potential bone graft would be needed for proper placement of implants.  The process would take 6-12 months to get your new crowns.  Good luck.

Tooth turning dark from trauma?

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If the tooth is stable you would do a root canal and then cover tooth with a crown if the tooth is not stable then you would extract and consider a fixed bridge or implant good luck


Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, MAGD      CEO Baystate Dental PC

Kevin Coughlin, DMD
Springfield Dentist


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Take it from a former hockey player and have your teeth corrected the right way. I do not recommend you waste your time and money by doing treatment that will fail. Both teeth have died as the blood vessels and nerves of those two front teeth have been severed. There is a very high probability that the thin wall of bone supporting these teeth has fractured. Therefore, a root canal will eventually fail. Have a competent implantologist extract both teeth, graft and repair the bone, then place an implant with soft tissue grafting procedures for the best esthetic outcome. Then have 2 crowns placed supported by the 2 implants. Finally, have a protective mouthguard made for you. No matter what sport you play and at all levels of competition, have a mouthguard made as an insurance policy against tooth injury and head trauma. It can safe a life or at least the life of a tooth. Good luck.

Nick M. Mobilia, DDS
New York Dentist

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Black toorh needs root canal treatment

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hi. Your condition is far more common that you may think. If the splinting has worked fine and the tooth is holding up well, then it needa a rootcanal treatment followed by an esthetic crown. If the splinting is not successful, you may need to get it extracted and replaced with an implant. talk to your dentist. Dr. Gaurav Kumar Goel prosthodontist  Dentessence Dental Care India

Gaurav K. Goel, MDS
India Dentist

Hockey Stick Knocked Out Front Tooth

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See your dentist for a follow-up X-ray. Depending on the bone strength, you will need Root Canal in order to save your teeth and then Crown or Veneer them. Alternatively, you might need to extract and place an implant. See a good cosmetic dentist in your area for your specific choices.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Trauma to anterior teeth

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Very typical clinical picture proving possible fracture of the nerve and a vessel inside of the tooth with possible fracture of the bone socket fragment. both of the teeth will need endodontic treatment and splinting. It will be quite a complicated case to recover with good aesthetic result.

What to do?

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Dear rutley 45: Sorry to hear about your trouble, it is unfortunately far too common. You need not "ask" for anything. What you need is to talk to your dentist, or go to a prosthodontist, who is the specialist in this area, and discuss the options available to you, the costs, and then you will have the appropriate treatment plant for you alone. If the Tooth turned dark, it means that it died, and root canal treatment is in order. Following that, and internal bleaching procedure might be utilized, in combined with orthodontics, possibly Invisalign, result in a very pleasing smile without any more dental work. The les dental work done such as crown and bridge work, veneers etc., the better. Please talk to your dentist or a prosthodontist. Best of luck,

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