One Eye Blurry Post LASIK?

I had lasik 3 weeks ago . I've check my eyes 3 times post lasik . My left eye was good but my right still blurry at near and far . Im bit anxious about my right eye . Today , I go to eye clinic again and the dr said that " You need more time to healing within 3-6months" She checked my eyes and both flap eyes are good . She gave me a eye drop INDOCOLLYRE and let me use But why my right eye still blurry

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Blurry vision post LASIK

If one eye has great vision and the other is not so clear, time and drops may help, but you may also be helped with an enhancement procedure.  All patients having LASIK need to understand that not everyone heals the same way and therefore there is always a risk of needing a second fine-tuning procedure.  Typically, enhancements are done about 3 to 4 months after the initial procedure.  Be patient and enjoy the enormous improvement in your vision.  Three weeks is still very early.

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