Tummy tuck. Why does it still appear to be puffy? (Photo)

Hi I had I extended tell me tuck. it appears to be all swollen and puffy I look pregnant. This was done two years ago why will it be puffy still please help.

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2 years post Abdominoplasty still puffy

Thank you for sharing your question and photographs.  The puffiness that you are experiencing 2 years after a Tummy Tuck is residual fat deposits.  You would benefit from Liposuction of these areas.  If you are unhappy with the Surgeon that performed the surgery, please be sure to see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area.  I hope this information was helpful.

Best Wishes, -Dr. B.

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2ys after TT it is puffy

Thank you for your question. It will be nice to have before and after for comparison. It is not swelling at this stage. It possibly fat and residual laxity in muscles. Please talk to your PS for evaluation.

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Why does it look puffy still?

Hello Jandi and thanks for your question. I see where your tummy tuck results "looks puffy" and I actually think this is fatty tissue and not swelling. It would be nice to compare your results today with your before photos and to know more information about your surgery. For instance, was there any liposuction performed or was this a straight tummy tuck? At this point, a revision procedure to address the fatty excess via liposuction is a possibility. Also, have you gained any weight since the surgery and what was your BMI at the time of the operation? I'm being completely honest when I say that a higher BMI would increase the risks of having a poorer cosmetic result. You should return to your plastic surgeon and discuss your concerns. Most plastic surgeons want their patients to be satisfied and they may offer some discounted price for a revision especially if you have already made them aware of the situation. You may also consider seeking a second opinion from several board certified plastic surgeons in your area. Best,


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