Off the wall question, but is it better to have toned, sculpted muscle prior to revision lipo, or more of a 'fleshy' body?

It's interesting to note how irregular lumps (where too little was lipo-ed) from previous lipo appear when I've been working out hard at the gym vs. when I've taken a month or two off! It got me thinking ... If I were to seek revision to smooth out these lumpy areas, would it be easier for the surgeon to contour & correct if I worked to tone the muscles underneath first, or would results be better if I stayed out of the gym & let the muscle soften? Looking forward to your feedback - thanks!

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Liposuction - how to get the best revision

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Thank you for asking about your revision liposuction.
  • It sounds as though when you work out, you lose weight and the irregularity shows.
  • It is best to have your liposuction at your normal shape -
  • If working out is your normal, then have it done that way.
  • Just as important - ask your own surgeon as well.
  • S/he may have a better idea since s/he operated on you.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Sculpted muscle or fat for revision?

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Thank you for this question!!.........First, always communicate with your BCPS.  
I understand your situation.  To prevent further "lumps" remember to have constant and tight pressure over your lipo areas for up to 3 months after surgery.  In this 3 month post-op period you are at a constant battle against your body's  healing process of placing scar tissue into the fluid pockets.   Verses the fluid pocket reabsorbtion caused by the pressure exerted from the elastic on your post-op garment and post-op drain.    I recommend to my patients to wear a fourth layer of elastic (vest waste trainer)  over top of the garment within the first two weeks of post-op period to add additional pressure to the liposuction areas. 
If your "lumps" in question are soft and can be lifted away from the muscle, then they have mostly adipose tissue (fat) in them.  Excess fat remaining from prior lipo can be removed but with more effort from your PS.  You should expect a reduction of about 50% of the fat lump size because scar tissue that has formed into the remaining fat from the prior liposuction. Scar tissue can not be removed with cannula liposuction.
If you're "lumps "in question are hard and cannot be lifted away from the muscle, then they are almost completely scar tissue with minimal fat in them.   Minimal reduction can be expected from liposuction, and a modest 50% reduction with lipo injection around the scar tissue.  
 I wish you well in your recovery,
Dr McAdoo

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