Underwent TT with Lipo of Flanks 11/2. Have Had a Tough Recovery. Chose a PS with over 30year Experience?

In NYC. Developed severe allergic reaction to steri strips and BB area hard/red. PS rec medrol dose pack and hydrocortisone. Also told me to stop wearing spanx ( never had compression garnet). Looks exactly same. Went to a dermatologist for 2nd opinion. Was told I have a infection/cellulitis of umbilical area. I have lost faith in PS, surgical site looks horrible ...still struggling with intense itching, redness and hardness. Do I go back to PS? should I wear Spanx? Help!

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Sounds like you have contact dermatitis. It is very commonly caused by neosporin and responds very well to a steroid cream

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Contact Dermatitis versus Cellulitis


I would put my money on the surgeon.  I have had multiple incidences of allergic reaction to tape/glue, and a few were very intense with blisters, weeping, redness, and scabs.  I'm sure other non-surgical doctors not familiar with this reaction in a surgical patient would call it an infection too.  However, all treated with steroids (topical and internal), and occasionally with topical antibiotics (Neosporin like ointments).  Contact dermatitis can take weeks, even with strong steroids.  Stick with your surgeon, or go to another surgeon for a second opinion, not a dermatologist.

Best of luck!

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Recovery after tummy tuck/liposuction

It's important to continue follow up with your plastic surgeon, especially when you are not having a smooth recovery. What you described is not conclusive for infection. It's quite common to have persistant swelling, redness, itching and hardness around the belly button and lower abdomen for 6 to 8 weeks after surgery. The main thing is your condition should gradually getting better, not worsen. If you truly feel that your current plastic surgeon is not working out for you, then seeking 2nd opinion and find another board certified plastic surgeon in your area who can help you. It's in time of difficulty when you need close monitoring and care from your surgeon.

Best Wishes,

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Post TT complications

I am sorry to hear about your compications. You should continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon and, if you still have concerns, to seek a second opinion from another board certified plastic surgeon. A diagnosis of infection should be confirmed with a wound culture. I woke expect redness two weeks postop. Some patients are allergic to surgical tape or steristrips but, while this creates discomfort, it should not affect the result in terms of abdominal contour. I recommend postop compression garments, not Spanx. You should be careful in terms of laundering the garment and possibly using gauze dressings to avoid irritation. Cellulitis is a serious condition and, if present, requires regular, active followup.

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Without a picture or exam its very hard to say what can be going on. You should return to your PS for post op care. You are still swollen it takes 6-9 months for swelling to subside.

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Tummy tuck and rash

 Without an actual examination it is hard to determine whether an infammation( allergic reaction) or infection (cellulitis) is present. Allergic rashes from steristrips can take time to completely resovle, even with steroid treatment. It is always best in this situation to follow up with your original surgeon first. If you seek another opinion ,it would be best to see another plastic surgeon, rather than a dermatologist.

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Tough Recovery

Sorry to hear about the difficulties you have been having. It is hard to make any specific comments without seeing photos. It may be what looks horrible to you may reflect the rash and or inflammation, and may well have no bearing upon your final outcome. I can't tell from your question if the cellulitis that has been diagnosed has been treated or not.

I do feel that the best post-op care you can get will be from your surgeon, and I would urge continued follow up. Post-op instructions from doctors on line who have never seen you are not appropriate. 

Thanks for your question, best wishes.

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Go back to PS

If you had no response to the medrol dose pack and hydrocortisone recommended by your plastic surgeon, let your plastic surgeon know this so he can make an adjustment. If you want a second opinion after plastic surgery, see a plastic surgeon, not a dermatologist. 

Armin Moshyedi, MD
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