I Got Hit on the Nose 23 Days After Revision Rhinoplasty with Ear Cartilage Graft?

I was playing with my 7 yr-old nephew today and he accidentally hit my nose with his hand. It was hard enough for me to feel some pain and some numbness after. How secure are the grafts 23 days after surgery? It didn't bleed. Would it possibly affect my end result? Thanks.

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Revision Rhinoplasty

It is very common for patients to accidently hit their nose after rhinoplasty. If the shape of your nose has not changed and there was no bleeding after the accident, it is unlikely that you did any permanent damage to your end result. Most nasal cartilage grafts are secured in place with sutures so it is unlikely from them to shift inside the nose at any time after your surgery.  Only time will tell, but there is nothing to do now except continue on your present course of healing and protect your nose as much as possible over the next several months.  


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I Got Hit on the Nose 23 Days After Revision Rhinoplasty with Ear Cartilage Graft?

The good news is that, if the shape of your nose hasn't changed, your rhinoplasty result has probably not been affected. The bad news is, there is no way to tell for sure until you have healed. At this point, the best thing for you to do is to try not to be overly concerned with this injury, protect your nose as best you can and give your nose time to fully heal. I hope this information is helpful. I doubt that the injury will alter your final result.

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