Hit My Nose and Having Trouble Breathing After Rhinoplasty

I had nose surgery three weeks ago to make my nose narrower and the tip smaller. Two days ago I hit it with my purse(basically the purse fell on top of the area where the nose begins). After that I could feel a bump. As the days went by I noticed a change in the profile and the front view, my nose looks lower and bigger kind of how I had it. I'm also having difficulty breathing since the incident. I will make an appt with my Dr. but I was wondering what is usually done in these situations.

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Nasal Trauma 3 Weeks after Rhinoplasty

Although it is not an emergency, see your surgeon as soon as you can. The first thing that is done with trauma in the post-op period is to examine the nose to determine if anything has changed since surgery and if it is necessary to reposition the nasal bones.

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Trauma to the nose after a rhinoplasty (nose job)

This is a very common complaint after rhinoplasty with accidental trauma to the nose after the operation. If you are 3 weeks from your operation the effects depend on where on the nose the injury occurred and what was done initially in the rhinoplasty. At three weeks, your soft tissue and bone healing is "sticky" but not healed. Also, the trauma may aggravate swelling. The nose can still be molded at this point, so worst case scenario you may have to do some taping or molding on your own, but most likely just allow for the swelling to go down. If the force of the blow to the nose caused a shift in the internal structure of the nose and after the swelling goes down, persistent deformity is seen then a revision can be performed at 1 year. That would have to be a big purse! Hopefully just ice the nose, wait for the swelling to go down and see your plastic surgeon.

I hope this helps.

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Watch Out for Those Flying Purses 3 Weeks After Rhinoplasty!

Hi Yarely,

You should see your rhinoplasty surgeon asap for evaluation of your nose.  The treatment will vary depending upon what your surgeon finds.  If you have dislocated your bones, you may have a closed reduction within the first 10 days of your purse trauma.  On the other hand, nothing may need to be done.  See your doc.  Hope all is well.

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