Hit on Nose Tip After 9 Weeks of Rhinoplasty?

Hi, i got my nose tip smaller and higher (lift up) , my 4 years old son accidently hit my tip from down with his head when he was sitting on my lap watching tv and wanted to stand up suddenly , i hope you can imagine the situation , anyway , no bleeding,swelling , or even pain at all , but my tip is moving alittle bit easly left and right when i do so with my hand , is this ok , or maybe whatever the doctor put inside mt tip to lift it got moved ? Thank you

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Trauma to tip nine weeks post-rhinoplasty

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If the impact didn't cause bleeding or swelling, I suspect the tip is fine and did not change form. I’m sure it feels different as it is still sensitive and numb. However, if it does not look different, don’t worry. If you are still very concerned, make an appointment with your surgeon so he/she may examine it. Good luck!

Trauma to nasal tip following a rhinoplasty

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At nine weeks post op you most likely just hurt your nose and did not do any structural damage to your rhinoplasty.  Make an appointment with your plastic surgeon for an evaluation.  Your surgeon is in the best position to know if it is a problem or not.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Tip Trauma 9 Weeks after Rhinoplasty

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   Being hit in this manner on the tip may have caused suture, strut, or graft compromise, but you should be examined by your plastic surgeon

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