Hit Nose 2 Months After Surgery and Now Have Bump

I'm 2 months post-Rhino and hit my nose last Thursday. I was taking the dog for a walk and the retractable leash came up and hit the bridge of my nose. It was the metal part of the leash that hooks on to the collar. It hurt and a small red bump appeared on the bridge of my nose later that night. I didn't cry though and it didn't bleed. It is now 4 days after it happened and it's still red (not as bad) and their is still a bump there. I have been putting ice on it. Do you think I damaged it

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Injury after rhinoplasty

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There is no way to accurately say if you injured your nose with the leash, unless you were evaluated in person.  The best answer is for you to see your rhinoplasty surgeon as soon as possible and have him or her take a look.  Two months after surgery your nose will be more reactive than preop, so small insults might swell more than normal.  Or, your body can begin to lay down more permanent volume on top of the bridge in response to the leash injury, as we see with a full bridge after nasal fractures.  That can often be controlled simply and quickly with a steroid injection.  The important thing is for you to see your surgeon, so you get early intervention and peace of mind.

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