Hit my Nose with my Headphones 6 Months Post Op?

Today happened what I always feared was inevitable, I hit my nose and this has left me a bit scared. I was putting on my headphones and accidentally took them head on to the tip/bridge of my nose, I almost didn't feel pain and there was no bleeding but it is by far the hardest hit my nose has felt since the operation. I can't see any visible changes immediately after, will this have an effect in my nose? please help my surgeon still has one week on her vacation.

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You should be fine at six months. It will take a blow strong enough to have fractured your nose as it was before surgery to cause a problem at this time. 

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Post rhinoplasty injury

Six months post op rhinoplasty, nose is well healed. A low velocity and minor impact injury to your nose like the one you described would not create major problem. As you indicated you do not have any nasal deformities or bleeding. This is a very common concern and anxiety that is experienced by rhinoplasty patients. You can visit your surgeon when he or she returns from vacation. Dr. Kevin Sadati

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Hit nose 6 months after rhinoplasty

Hitting your nose at this stage would cause the same damage as if you had not had surgery.  Your nose should be mostly healed at this point and light trauma from headphones should not cause much of a change.  Check with you initial surgeon if you feel things may look altered.

Etai Funk, MD
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Almost painless nose impact

At 6 months post-op it would take a more serious (and painful) impact to injure your nose - still better to follow up with your surgeon

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It shouldn't be a problem at 6 months post op.  The nose will be as strong as if you'd not had surgery. If you can't see a problem, there isn't one, so you can relax a little.  What were you listening to?

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