Hit Nose at 10 Weeks Post Op. How Do I Know if I Damaged It?

I'm 10 weeks post op closed revision rhinoplasty, and a friend hit my nose somewhat violently when she raised her arm as I rested my head on her shoulder hugging her. It did hurt, but did not bleed. I put on a bandage when I got home (because the doctor told me to do so nightly until I'm 3 months post-op) and the next morning I didn't notice anything unusual, nor was it swollen or very painful, but I'm worried about what possible effect the blow might have inflicted. How do I know if I did any damage?

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Nose after a trauma

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At ten weeks after rhinoplasty, your nose should be pretty "solid" in terms of taking a light impact. If you are concerned the best thing to do is see your surgeon for an exam.

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