Hit On Nose 4 Years Post Rhinoplasty. Severe Bleeding, Tender, Swollen; Is This Permanent?

I got hit on my nose 4 years after my rhinoplasty, I had sever bleeding so I did an Xray and the Xray does not show any fractions in the bones. My nose is very tender to touch and it looks wider and bigger is this permanent?

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Trauma to nose after it is fully healed following rhinoplasty

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Essentially at 4 years after surgery your nose behaves like an unoperated one.  It sounds like you had a pretty significant impact, but it's fortunate your nasal bones did not have any fractures.  The best course of action for you is to be seen and evaluated by a plastic surgeon, who will be able to tell you exactly what damage resulted from the impact.  

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Swelling And Pain After Nasal Trauma 4 Years Post Surgery

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Dear Sara,


At 4 years post surgery, your nose is fully recovered and you can consider it as being a nose that has never been subjected to a surgery.

If the X-ray imaging shows no fractures, then the swelling and the pain are normal and will subside with time as nature takes its course.

However, I advise you to keep a close attention to your progress as if things got worse you will need to consult with your doctor.

Thank you for your inquiry.

The best of wishes to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

Hit On Nose 4 Years Post Rhinoplasty - Swelling pain and bleeding

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Thanks for the question.The swelling after being hit on the nose is just like the one without any Rhinoplasty and it will take its own time to disappear like any an un-operated nose.Four years after surgery your nose and the bones are as strong as normal.This is just my opinion and you should seek consultation and clinical examination by a plastic surgeon just to be sure.


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