I Got Hit in the Face a Few Days After a Rhinoplasty Should I Be Concerned?

I got my surgery on thursday, and the accident happen late Sunday night. I still have the splint on my nose from surgery and am still recovering but by accident my boy friend rolled over and elbowed me pretty hard in the nose. Do you think there is any permitted damage? since the hit I have been feeling more sore, before I got hit I had close to no pain and now the pain is similar to the first day I got home from surgery. I have my post op appointment on wensday would the doctor be able to tell

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Elbow hit on the nose after rhinoplasty

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Dear Nikkiann116,


I am sorry that you have had such an accident.

Having the splint on your nose could have lessened the impact of the hit but it is hard to assess the damage if any without a physical examination.


The pain you felt is normal especially that you had the trauma almost right after your surgery.


Nonetheless, it is important that you mention all details to your surgeon as he/she can assess the damage if present.


Thank you for your inquiry and best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian



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Trauma after Rhinoplasty

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Without seeing you in person it is impossible to give you advice or guidance.  However, if you suffered trauma to your nose in the post-op period there is a possibility that the surgical results could be affected.  You really need to address your question with your surgeon and go in for a post op visit.  


Good Luck.

Nasal trauma few days after rhinoplasty

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It is difficult to predict with certainty whether there would be a physical consequence of your trauma.  The increased amount of pain is expected after any degree of trauma, and the fact that you still have a splint on your nose makes a serious damage less likely. Just be more careful from now on and let your doctor know about the incident when you come to see him.

Alexander Ovchinsky, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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