Hit in Nose 6 Days Post Op, with Cast On. Is It Damaged?

I had rhinoplasty 6 days ago. They broke my dorsal bone and filed it, as well as refined my tip. Just about 2 hours ago I was petting my cat and the little brat swatted me right on my nose! I wouldnt say it was a lot of impact, but just enough to make it a little sore, like the 2nd day of surgery. The pain has already gone away, and it did not swell. I still have a cast on, but could this have damaged my nose? How common is it for a postop nose to be permanently damaged? I have appt on Thursday.

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Hit nose after rhinoplasty

If you don't see any obvious damage or angulation of your nose then you will probably be fine.  The splint helps to protect you from just this type of occurance.  When you get your splint off your plastic surgeon will be able to tell you if everything is healing alright.

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