Vi Peel Good for Sensitive Olive Skin?

I am hispanic (Olive skin), with nevus of ota on 1/4 of my face. I am hyper sensative to pigmentation (bruise easily). I want to know if Vi Peel would work for me. Also, is ViPeel safe to use over the lower and upper eye lid?

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Vi Peel on Olive skin

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The Vi peel is safe on all skin types so it should be safe on your olive skin. Many people also use it on the eyelids. The Vi peel should not cause bruising. Dina Strachan, MD. NYC dermatologist. 212-627-1004

New York Dermatologist

Vi Peel

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Vi Peel is a topical application of a cocktail of weak acids. There is no bruising involved in this procedure. I have used Vi Peel on many Hispanic patients with no side effects. However, I would not use it on the nevus. I routinely apply the peel on the upper and lower lids.

Ivan Thomas, MD (retired)
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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