Hirsutism? Lasers Didn't Help

I need some serious advice. I am female, 29yrs blue eyes natural mousey blonde hair eastern european decent not overweight regular periods no deep voice & have thick dark hair that grows under the jawline/neck & sides of face! Go figure! I have tried i think every laser since i was about 20, nothing is permanent. I had hormone tests done a while back & was "normal". Im not satisfied & need names of specific testing on fixing this & what the fix is without risking my fertility. hellllp.

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Hirsutism and lasers don't help

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it sounds like you may need a specialist. There may be some other hormonal tests that would explain your situation. See an endocrnologist for a comprehensive evaluation. Also, if any of the hair is not dark don't expect a dramatic result from most in office lasers. Try electrolysis or thr No!No!. Good luck!

New York Dermatologist

"Normal hormones" but thick dark chin hairs unexpectedly?

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You have blue eyes and blonde hair, normal weight, and a persistent problem with thick, dark hairs on your neck and chin. If this is not a family trait, I think it might be worth seeing a smart endocrinologist to see if there may be another hormonal imbalance beyond the traditional tests that are done.

Hirsuitism and failure of laser

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If the energy settings used were subclinical so as not to scar you, you may need higher energies. Test spots may help. Otherwise electrolysis may be better for you.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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