Will arthritis in lower back and butt region prevent BBL procedure?

I had an MRI a few months ago due to some lower back pain and butt pain on my right side. I was told by my PCP that I have arthritis back there and it could be causing sciatica from the arthritis inflammation. Will I be able to have a BBL done if I have arthritis in my lower back and butt region? How will this affect or prevent bbl surgery? I was told only physical therapy exercises help receive the pain and inflammation.

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It is up to you to decide if you desire a BBL.  This should not impact back pain or joint pain related to your spine. Yes, you will have some discomfort after surgery.

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Back pain and arthritis complicating Brazilian Butt lift.

There's really no direct connection between the degenerative condition of your lower back and fat augmentation to the buttock. However position on the operating table as well as position requirements after the procedure need to be taken into consideration for your comfort. These will be discussed with you by your plastic surgeon.

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