1 Month After Lipo to Outer Thighs They're Not Smooth, What Could be Done to Give Them a Nice Shape?

I have done a liposuction and has been a month now , i notice that my outer thighs doesn't look balanced and smooth , i mean the shape doesn't look OK . some areas are lower than others , will this get better . and what would help to have a nice shape in Bikinis ?

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Unhappy with liposuction at 1 month

Some photos would have been helpful to better assess your situation. However, at one month there is still a fair amount of swelling present so that you won't see the "final" result yet. It can take closer to 6 months and longer to be fairly close to the final shape. Presently, you still can express your concerns with your surgeon.

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One Month after Lipo

At one month after lipo, what you see on the outer thighs is pretty close to the final result. The only thing YOU can do is make sure that you are at or moving towards your ideal body weight.

Other than that, see your doctor for a follow up visit. If a touch-up procedure is needed, sometimes it can be done very easily and for minimal or no charge.


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