Could this have been avoided? (Photos)

I got a far transfer to my breast in March I realized about 2months ago my left boob was lumpy th doctor who my procedure told me to come in 5 hours away from me I drove there to only get a shot and and anti biotics then back home a week later it became painful my primary Doctor felt around more a decided it was time to drain it my breast was filled with puss I had an abscess it's been drained and now my boobs are completely different in size what should I do? & was this avoidable ?

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Lumps post fat graft

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Since you had fat injected this also could have been due to necrosis of your fat graft.If the fat does not establish a blood supply it will basically dissolve and necrose.It also could have been due to an infection.Either weay let everything settle down and then have it re evaluated.

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