Is there a procedure that can lower your eyebrows?

The only thing I can think of would be a brow ridge implant, but I don't know if those are advisable to get since they are so uncommon.

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Brow height

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It is difficult to say what your best option would be here because the questions is why is the brow too high in the first place? Are the forehead muscles overactive? Is there scarring present in the forehead? An in-person consultation with an experienced oculofacial specialist would be your best bet in order to discuss what options might pertain specifically to you.
As others have said, Botox can be a very effective and safe option to drop the brows, and the amount of drop can be titrated depending on the dose. this, of course, is not a permanent solution.

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Changing eyebrow position

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It’s difficult to answer your question without seeing photography and/or doing a detailed facial analysis. Botox is a muscle relaxer and will relax the muscles into which it was injected. An experienced injector can relax the levator muscles of your forehead so that depressor muscles would bring your eyebrows slightly down. To find out whether or not this is the right procedure for you seek a consultation with an experienced oculofacial plastic surgeon.

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Is there a procedure that can lower your eyebrows?

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You have not posted any photos to be able to appreciate your concern. I suggest that you start with a conservative approach to your problem and consider Botox as a way to "drop" your brows from the current position after evaluation by a facial plastic specialist.

Hope this helps,
Dr. Gus Diaz

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Yes. there is a procedure.

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Unlike other areas of the body where there is descent of soft tissues, there is paradoxical elevation of eyebrows with aging in a certain proportion of patients. These findings explain why surgical elevation of the mid and medial brow provides results that are neither youthful nor aesthetically pleasing. This explains why many patients are displeased with the shape and position of their brows after certain browlift procedures and seek reversal of their browlift.

Reversing Exaggerated brow lift lowering not only puts the periorbital structures in better harmony, but ironically, it restores a more youthful appearance. 

How can I lower my eyebrows?

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Many thanks for an interesting question

The easiest way of doing this would be to use Botox (or similar toxin) to paralyse the muscles that raise the brow.

Surgical procedures, whilst possible, are less frequently performed.

I hope this helps!

Need picture to determine severity of condition.

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I agree botox is the least invasive and probably firs line of treatment to consider. Surgery may have a place in this treatment if the brows were overly elevated surgically. Good Luck!

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Lowering one's eyebrows

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Absent a photo, your question is tough to answer.  However, an easy, short-term fix could be appropriate injections of Botox.  This would give you an idea of what it would look like -- but the down side is that, if you like the result,  the Botox would have to be repeated every few months into the future.  On the other hand, it would eliminate surgery.

Something to consider.

Elliot W. Jacobs, MD, FACS
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