Im Thinking of Getting Ipl to Reduce the Sun Damage on my Skin. I Am 23 is That Too Young?

I am also concerned the treatment is fairly new to the cosmetic industry and who knows what long term effects this could have on my skin? Is it okay for a nurse to perform the treatment? who conducts tests on these machines to allow them to be used? Thanks

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Worried about IPL

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First, IPL has been on the market for over a decade, which means it's been used a lot longer than that. Personally I've done over 120,000 IPL/FotoFacial treatments in my office with no "long-term" problems and treated patients of all ages. It is ok for a nurse to perform the treatment, depending on the state you are in. Certain states have different requirements for who can do things. More importantly, make sure you are having treatments done with a physician involved and present in your care - not a med spa with no supervision. And that your specific nurse has extensive training. The technicians in my office do the procedures day in and day out and several have been with me for more than 10 years. Good machines - those owned by physicians - have self testing on them as well as testing done periodically by the laser companies themselves that regulate the settings and make sure they are working properly. Again, please go to an office that has a physician!!

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